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"Southern California Aqueduct Fishing"
Catfish Hits

"People Landing Catfish In The Aqueduct"

If you have a photo of your latest catfish send it to me at: billmaronthehill@roadrunner.com 

My wife's pic's of her catfish out of the aqueduct.

Marys Two CatfishMarys Bull Head Catfish

Evan and his catfish he landed in the aqueduct

This is Evan Markakis that landed three catfish, congrats Evan and keep on fishing. Thank you for sending me your pic's. CoolStriper Bill

Seans Catfish and Striper

Congrats to you Sean very nice catch, keep on fishing. Great job! CoolStriper Bill

Catfish Are Bitting!Good meeting you on the aqueduct today and Happy Birthday! Congrats on landing your Catfish! CoolStriper Bill

Chris Lands A Catfish!Congrats Chris on your landing a 4.2 lb and 20 inches long Catfish! Good size Chris, Your friend CoolStriper BillCatfish MozyOn, Lands A Catfish!Striper Bill and his daughters Channel Cats!






MozeyOn on the left. Congrats MozeyOn on landing your catfish of 27 inches long, nice fish.

Striper Bill Catfish was 5.6 lbs 24 inches long and daughter Amys Catfish 2.3 lbs 18.5 inches long.

ImageCongrats to you Louie and Hill, good work out there! CoolStriper Bill

Justin's 19.5 Channel Cat Fish

Justin Morgan just landed this Channel Cat in the duct. 19.5 lbs. Way to go Justin, and Congrats to you! CoolStriper Bill


Justin Morgan landed this one the same night, 13.3 lbs. Congrats to you for all the fish landed. Keep up the good work! CoolStriper Bill

10.2 Channel Cat Fish

Justin's Friend landed this one 10.2 lbs. Congrats to you! Keep on landing them. Rod tips up and tight lines. CoolStriper Bill


MozeyOn lands the first fish for the New Year January 3, 2010. 5 lbs. 26 inches long. Congrats MozeyOn rod tips up and tight lines. CoolStriper Bill



Today May 15th 2010 Dave landed both of these Catfish the first one is 28 inches long and the second one is 23 inches Channel Cat. Congrats to you Dave and rod tips up and tight lines! Keep on Fishing. CoolStriper Bill

Jason C Striper

Congrats to you Jason C. Good catch!

Cool Striper Bill

Striper Bill Catfishing

Night time bait fishing. Landing a 9lb 8oz Bullhead Catfish and a 4 lb, 14 oz bullhead. Smile Striper Bill

Carlos and his Catfish

Carlos lands this one East of Coalinga on 7-10-2011. Congrats to you Carlos on landing it. Striper BillCool

Aqueduct Catfish in Victorville

Congrats to you Chuck for landing this catfish in Victorville CA.  Keep on fishing. 

CoolStriper Bill





Aqueduct Catfish

This is John Martinez's brother, Erin's and first catfish caught, 9 lbs landed on 6 lb test line.Thank you for the catfish pic, congrats' to you and rod tips up! 

CoolStriper Bill

Bill's Catfish

Striper Bill lands a good size cat! April 17th 2013.

Aqueduct Catfish

Stiper Bill went on a night time catfishing bendge and landed 5 cats and 1 Striper. All on chicken liver.

Another good size aqueduct catfish

Here is the Big one landed after midnight on April 24, 2013. Don't know the weight or length of it. Need to buy another scale to weight them.

Juan holding his catfish

Caught this big boy while fishing for striper 5/6/13 over at the mendota aqueduct gates Fairfax. Decided to use anchovy oil on anchovy. Striper Bill is the reason I fish the aqueduct. 15 lb on 14 lb Cajun Redline. Rig? My own creation ;)

Congrats to you Juan and rod tip up and tight lines! Cool Striper Bill

Striper Bill's Catfish

Don't know the weight of this one, but it was big and a fighter too! May 13, 2013

John P. catfish photo

Hi Bill,
Thanks for the great website. Great info.
Attached is 5lb cat caught 6/29/13 in delta Mendota canal near Tracy using chicken livers. Also caught a 3 lb cat earlier the same night.
Thank again for the tips. John p.

Catfish out of Taft

9 lbs. 28" long. Caught out by Taft Congrats to you ever you are landing this cat. Rod tips up!

Striper BillCool

Jaun Ramirez and his catfish

34 inches 18 pound catfish!

Congrats to you Jaun R. good landing it, Rod tip up and tight lines.

Striper BillCool

Eli Kindreds catfish

Thanks, I appreciate it! I enjoy your site and have used many tips from it.

Congrats to you with your 10 lb cat. It is a keeper. Keep on fishing and rod tips up and tight lines.

Striper BillCool

Eli Kindred dads catfish

Kirk landed this 14 lb catfish and its healthy looking.

Congrats Kirk keep on fishing with your son looks like you both enjoy it!

Striper Bill

Catfish Landed In Aqueduct

Landed two this night on April 24, 2013, the big one don't know the size of it but it was tough. Striper Bill

Two Good Catfish Landed two this night April 29th 2013. Two for the pricn Fishing!!!

Striper Bill

Aqueduct Catfish

Congrats to you Kevin go get some more landings.

Striper BillCool


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